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You may also be positively prophetic today in a tiny way, getting a glimpse of a possibility of something to come. But don't run away with the idea that you can always trust your hunches. Your wonderful way of picking work mates up in your enthusiasm should produce very good results. You will definitely be in high spirits, feeling full of vitality and good health. Everyone around will be more than happy to move your way.

Keep pushing hard on certain decisions since you know you are right and can carry others along with you. It's very much a time to be pitching your thoughts up and to be talking to intellectually stimulating mates. You should be dealing well with almost everyone around you, particularly bosses, parents, teachers.

Any influential people are going to be pretty much brought round to your side. Push your fears to one side and say what you have been hiding away.

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The only slight danger is that you will be whizzing ahead so fast that you forget to pay attention to the practical details. There's a whiff of something rather over-expansive in the air, which could make you think you can't be wrong or you think there's nothing you can't do. You should have lots of initiative, confidence and courage.

New financial or joint ventures which begin now are likely to work well because you're zipping around with that kind of optimism that makes things happen. Mercury emphasised now is helping you is to set long-range goals. Your mind will be rattling with ideas which you will spout in all directions. Start the process with vigour then you will find the right ingredients for making your firm commitments.

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This could last well into Saturday… Lightness sweeps over you with each paper you shred and item you pack off for the Goodwill. This could be a powerful experience to share with your romantic partner as well. Someone in your life may object to your desire to travel and expand on Saturday. Fortunately, the Sagittarius moon illuminates the big picture again on Sunday. Start this journey alone if you must—just make sure you start it now.

Irritating as the feeling somebody looking over your shoulder may be, having certain of your activities monitored is actually to your benefit. This is particularly true in matters involving money and the use of your resources. While generosity is an admirable trait, it's not when, as a result, you ignore your own interests.

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Daily Planetary Overview Sudden changes will be disruptive today with the Moon square Mars, but there can be a positive outcome. Your emotions will be unpredictable under this influence, and you may not be able to trust them. You'll be fiercely independent and self-sufficient. Your Horoscope - Today, January 9, Something on the news could capture your attention today more strongly than usual, a. A public figure you admire, probably a woman, could well make a public statement lashing out at certain segments of society. Because you respect this person, you could be more sympathetic than most with what she says, and could take it upon yourself to spread the word.

Be careful! The information is slanted towards a particular viewpoint. Check out the facts first. FAQ: Hey! Why is the calendar the same for ALL the signs? Saturday January 9 - Moon in Scorpio Moon Meditation: "I surrender the past to unearth the beauty in this moment…" We are likely to be feeling all emotions too deeply now. Know How To Plan Ahead in !

Wednesday January 13 - Moon into Capricorn Moon Meditation: "It's a 'Philosopher's stone kind of day of turning lead to gold…" The Moon enters Capricorn taking us into the most fertile period of a Moon cycle. Thursday January 14 - Moon in Capricorn Moon Meditation: "Get your ducks in a row…" With Mercury standing still in a close square to Saturn, it may feel like something is stuck.

We may have to work for it however…" For info on how to make a New Moon wish or ten, click here. The New Moon takes place today at 5. Daily stars for today 08 January Irritating as the feeling somebody looking over your shoulder may be, having certain of your activities monitored is actually to your benefit. Be aware of this! Eliminate uncertainty! Click here for a video psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes!

OCT 9, - Read full overview. The World card signifies a long journey coming to an end. If you've recently accomplished a lifelong goal such as purchasing a house, that's why this card appears.